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Why Technical SEO Is a Must, and Where to Start!

Why Technical SEO Is a Must, and Where to Start!

Websites must be fast, crawlable and user-friendly to achieve local search prominence. Of all the quality SEO services available, technical SEO provides a way to achieve noticeable improvements. By optimizing the technical foundation of a website a business can enhance the user experience, an action that is likely to be rewarded by Google. Let’s explore why technical SEO should be a top priority for anyone involved in local search marketing.

Where to Start with Technical SEO for a Business Website

Technical SEO is the process of optimizing a website’s backend elements to make it easier to crawl, understand and index the pages. Essentially, every part of this process will fine-tune the site’s functionality and performance, and this will influence how the website performs in the search results.

1. Improve Search Engine Accessibility and Indexing

A technical SEO audit involves checking whether search engines can discover and index your pages. Google uses over 200 ranking factors to determine a site’s visibility. However, if a page can’t be crawled or Google won’t index it, there’s little benefit to optimizing the many other factors. The XML sitemap and robots.txt file is key to this process.

2. Optimize Site Structure and Navigation

Improving navigation is a quick SEO strategy to give your website a bump in search. Your site should have a clear hierarchy that usually involves broad categories, with sub-pages falling underneath. Internal linking helps distribute page authority throughout the site. Simple, descriptive URLs also provide clarity for the search engines and for users.

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