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What Is the Magic Blog Post Length?

For anyone involved in professional content writing services, the question of how long a blog post should be is a familiar one. Debate has raged over the magic blog post length – and whether a perfect word count really exists at all. The truth is, the length of your blog posts will influence readability, search engine visibility and of course, visitor engagement. So, before you start your next post, what do you need to know about the ideal blog post length?

How Long Should a Blog Post Be?

While it might be easier if there was a word count target to aim for, the reality is more complex. In practice, there is no magic blog post length that works for every subject and every niche. Instead, the topic and the question that a person wants you to answer will influence how long the post should be.

Broadly speaking you should aim for a minimum of 300 words. This length ensures the content addresses the topic adequately and is not too thin. At the high end, 1,200 words will be enough to answer most search queries – and note that lengthier posts risk losing reader interest. Of course, there will be occasional posts (such as comprehensive how-to’s and guides) that simply cannot be covered briefly and will benefit from a higher word count.

Our Approach to Determining an Ideal Blog Post Length

When creating content for clients we want to optimize a blog post to rank in search results, maintain reader interest and successfully promote their brand. At Rocks Digital, we typically aim for a length of 500–1,000 words, using the following process to identify what will work best.

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