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What is a virtual assistant?

How a virtual assistant works and can help save you money.
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I had someone just inquire on Twitter what is a virtual assistant. I get this question all the time! Don’t worry if you have  the same question! I have decided to write about what is a virtual assistant (often called a VA), what they can do for you and how can save you money!

Virtual Assistant – an administrative assistant just like any other assistant, secretary, etc… that you are use to seeing work at someone’s office. Maybe you have even had a administrative assistant before. The virtual portion means we work using technology to complete your assignments, we don’t physically come into your office and work from a desk there. They work from their offices., usually which are located in their home.

How does a virtual assistant work?

  • remotely connect to your office computer (if necessary) to complete your assignments.
  • complete many tasks, such as your newsletter via Constant Contact, 1shopping cart, etc…
  • maintenance your website, blog, etc.. via the web.
  • type your letters, emails, design your brochures, press releases via our computer.
  • make follow up phone calls, send your emails, schedule appointments, etc…
  • maintain your social networking sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

A VA can complete all of these tasks using some type of technology, usually related to the Internet. They just need a high speed Internet connection, your assignment and they are set to go.

How does a virtual assistant save you money? You do not have to pay for:

  • office space, office equipment, printers, Internet connection.
  • payroll taxes, health insurance, vacation, sick pay and holidays.
  • wasted time spent on breaks, at water coolers and personal phone calls.
  • time to train new staff.

If you want to save time and money by utilizing the services of a Virtual Assistant contact me. I certainly know some great virtual assistants that can help you.

All virtual assistants have a specialty or passion, mine is Social Media, I help my clients leverage social networking applications, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to grow their brand and brand awareness. However, I also do many other tasks for my clients from typing, creating newsletters to scanning business cards.

What I recommend if you are considering hiring a virtual assistant:

  • Define what tasks your virtual assistant can complete for you.
  • Determine what area most of these tasks fall into.
  • Find someone that specializes in that area.
  • Make sure they can also complete the other tasks for you.

Virtual assistants do charge a higher fee in most cases than having someone work for you in your office, however, as mentioned above they are absorbing the cost for all your savings. You are hiring a 100% professional, highly dedicated assistant focusing on you and you alone for the allotted time you pay for. They are not focusing on anything or anyone else for the time set to work for you. Tasks get accomplished faster, with accuracy and professionalism.

Do feel free to email me or call if you would like to discuss my social media services further, or if you need a recommendation for a specialist.


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