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15 Ways to Support Others, Help Yourself and Your Brand Online and Offline

15 Ways to Support Others, Help Yourself and Your Brand Online and Offline.
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There is no better satisfaction than supporting a cause. One of the side effects of supporting others is how it helps you and your brand online and offline.

The Best Reasons to Help Others

  1. Helps someone in need
  2. Makes you feel good
  3. Creates goodwill for your brand

The simple fact is when you help others it triggers endorphins in your body that makes you feel good. It builds positive feelings about you and your brand in the community.

Lately, I have had several opportunities to support causes and charities, which has got me thinking about the affect it has had on my brand to be connected with the good will I have been creating.

Supporting others doesn’t always mean you have to make a financial contribution.

Free Ways to Support Others

  1. Mentor those entering your industry
  2. Host free events to share your expertise with others
  3. Social sharing and emailing your list about the cause
  4. Making synergetic introductions

You get to determine how you help someone. Giving of yourself is important, but make sure you don’t overcommit your time. You need you time to keep your sanity.

How to Determine Who / What to Support

  1. You connect with the cause or person
  2. You feel good about the organization or cause
  3. You see a real need and opportunity to help others

Don’t ever support someone out of obligation or because you think it will make me look good. Give voice to your brandDo it because of whom it is helping and how it makes you feel.

How It Helps Your Brand

  1. Inclusion in “Thank You” recognitions, usually online.
  2. Exposure to others supporting the cause or organization
  3. Be included in sponsor logo placement in marketing materials and on the web
  4. Build brand awareness among those benefiting from your support
  5. You can share about it online, press releases and your website

 Organizations I am Supporting

  • Career Design Foundation – career education for middle school and high school students
  • TryMunity – online website created to encourage and support traumatic brain injury survivors and their family members
  • Single Mom Movement – program to help newly single moms with encouragement, training, and resources to set them up for success
  • Mingle Jingle – annual event in DFW in which the proceeds benefit DREAM Fund

That list seems long right? It is easy to take a few minutes to click a contribute button and share on social media, write an email or make an introduction. And, when you can attend an event in person that is even better for you, the organization and your brand.

So what do I challenge you to do now? Find something to support and get after it. (BTW … I invite to select something from my list, if you connect with the cause.)

Comment below and tell me what you support, who and why!

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