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What does Social Media, Rebels and Doritos all have in common?

What does Social Media, Rebels and Doritos all have in common.
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So, I am browsing my Facebook Newsfeed, commenting on others updates, giving out some “Like” love and posting status updates when I happened to notice a picture that came up in my Newsfeed from my nephew!

It was a bag of Doritos that had been opened from the side of the bag vs. the top. He included this phrase:

Photo Credit: Scott Bratt

“We’re Rebels”

It immediately inspired this blog post … BTW, he was at school when he posted the photo – don’t worry, I doubled check he was on lunch break!

I have never been considered a “Rebel” by my family or friends! I’m a rule follower for the most part. Just ask my clients that want to have a Facebook Contest that breaks their Terms of Service or my mom who has accused me all my life of “starching my underwear”.

There is one thing I always do rebelliously – I tell it like it is! No ifs, ands or buts! I am a bit more tactful then I was in my early twenties. Thank goodness!  You want the truth – ask Lissa. I don’t worry with what people want to hear, but rather what they may need to hear! This is how I live my life and manage my business!  People trust me because I am bluntly honest!

Find the rebel in you and capitalize on it … a little bit of rebellion can go a long way in achieving success.

Here are 5 things you can do ONLINE to “Be a Rebel” and get social media results:

Take up a cause. Not a cause that everyone else is doing, but something that is perhaps a little different, but has meaning for you.

Blog about your cause and ask others to comment and share about their cause on the post. The more interaction you get on your blog post, the more people that will share the post on their social media profiles, which will mean, more people will see, read and comment on your blog. (Just look at RedHead Writing. It worked for her.)

Give your opinion. Share the good, the bad and the ugly. People want feedback.  Do it nicely though!

When you share your opinion with others they usually appreciate it, thank you, ask you for future opinions, plus when others want an opinion, you’ll get recommended.

Ask for feedback. Take a poll, ask others what they think! People want to share and help you. It’s in their nature.

When they comment / interact with you providing their feedback others will see it, wonder what they are commenting about, click to go read and usually comment also. Now you have made a new connection.

Share photos that make people think. Don’t post the same photo that everyone else does. Be unusual.

Take photos of stuff around your office / in your home. Weird things you see at places when you are out and about. Example: Post a photo of a USB cable that you took with your iPhone and add the caption “Name 10 things you can do with this cable besides hook up your printer”.  You’ll get comments back like hook up the scanner, take photos off your phone, tie myself to the desk, strangle the UPS guy if that package doesn’t arrive, etc.

When you post something different than every one you get comments and shares! Comments / shares equal interaction, which means higher preference in the Newsfeed of your friends / those that “Like” your page, which gets you a further reach on Facebook.

Stand out in the crowd. Easier said than done? Not really. All you have to do to be different is BE YOURSELF.

No one person is alike. We all think somewhat different and look somewhat different. Stop worrying so much about what everyone else thinks and be who you are! I practice this day in and day out and it has got me to where I am today. The more you are unique the more friends you will attract. They will have conversation with you / about you that their friends will see / hear about and want to know YOU!

“Be A Rebel” and start a cycle which goes viral for you, which will in turn go viral for your business!

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts,  but one last thing first:

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It’s your Turn … tell us about the “Rebel” inside you! Comment below.

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