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Skip Social Media Predictions – Focus on the Present

Skip Social Media Predictions - Focus on the Present.
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Over the last month I have been reading everyone’s blog posts on Social Media Predictions. You may have noticed I haven’t written one. This  thought actually went through my mind a few weeks back….

I better get busy blogging some predictions to show my expertise to everyone.

After a few days of dwelling on this topic, I thought better and decided it’s better for me to focus on the present, while keeping the future in mind. I am not psychic and can’t predict the future of social media. There are too many developers out there way smarter than me making new and inventive social media tools, networking sites, etc . . .on a daily basis.

Here’s my take on social media predictions:

  • My expertise is leveraging the developers’ social networking tools to build my brand and my clients’ build their brands. (I thoroughly enjoy the satisfaction I feel when I have helped a client get Retweeted, #FollowFriday or comments made on their status updates.)
  • I enjoy teaching my social media consulting clients how to use the great tools developers have made to make social networking easier.
  • I focus on advising my clients on proper etiquette, tactics and strategies for social media marketing.

With all this rambling on, my point is…

Focus on what you know! Build your brand! Develop a great strategy! Be a great person in the PRESENT and the FUTURE will take care of itself!  Do have goals and a business plan for achieving want to be in the FUTURE, but live in the NOW!

I do want to encourage you to post any comments, tips and your advice on this post! I love to learn from others and feel everyone has a value to add!  Thank you for an awesome 2009!  Let’s welcome in 2010 with a clear FOCUS and ACTION!

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