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Reasons I don’t like the label Social Media Expert, Guru, etc. . .

Reasons I don't like the label Social Media Expert, Guru, etc.
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I was reading an article this morning from WebNewser 5 Qualities of a Good Social Media Manager and totally agree with all the qualities that were listed in the article and want to expand further on #5.

“5. You are an ensemble player, not a diva. There are some giant egos in the social media business, a lot of self-proclaimed “gurus” who amass a lot of Twitter followers and land numerous speaking engagements. Many would make lousy social media managers because they see themselves as superstars or saviors. A good social media manager freely gives out credit for successes to teammates and accepts blame for failures.”

Social media is like an ensemble, you could even say orchestra.  You share knowledge, wisdom, information and ideas with others and in turn they share with you.  You work together instrumentally retweeting each others great content, give mentions, props and kudos.  This grows interest in you and them, plus a trust relationship starts to build.  Eventually they DM you with honest critique and advice and in turn you do the same.

Beware of all the self proclaimed experts (actually many have been called experts by others because they have written a book or have lots of followers, etc. . .).  Beware, all that means is they are popular and great at branding themself.  Ask them to speak with one of their clients’ or get testimonials on their achievements, successes and failures. Remember, you want the good, the bad and the ugly when selecting who manages your social media campaign.

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