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Are you ready to STOP diluting your network and STOP polluting online? Tips for Proper Online Etiquette

Tips for proper online etiquette.
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Are you ready to STOP diluting your network and STOP polluting online? That is right … I just said online pollution – the trash we put out to our friends and about our friends online via Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, etc.

I recently spoke with a great group of ladies at Essential Energy.  I was presenting the “Not So Secret ‘Secrets’ of Social Media Marketing”.  Their experience level with social media ranged from zilch to aficionado.

One of the attendees asked me “What can I do about friends that take photographs of me and post them on Facebook.  I told her “unfortunately, you are at their mercy”.

Etiquette tips about Digital Photographs:

  • Show the digital photo to those in the photo when it is taken. Anyone that doesn’t approve of the photo can speak up.
  • Email those in your digital photographs a copy.  Give them the opportunity to request you don’t post the photograph.
  • Crop the picture.  Look at the picture closely at all those in the picture. If the picture isn’t flattering or shows someone in a bad light, cut them out of the photograph.
  • Tagging photos on Facebook. Don’t tag your friends on Facebook in the photos. Let them do it.  Send them a link to the album via a private message on Facebook and say “You are in a couple of these photos. I didn’t tag you, but go in and tag yourself in the ones you want to.”

More about this  … “Is this Photo of You? Are You Protecting Your Digital Footprint?”  for suggestions how to avoid getting photos snapped of you don’t want out there.

Another asked about “Proper Online Etiquette”.  I have been thinking about this topic quite about since this time. A few thoughts …

Proper Online Etiquette:

  1. Get permission. Before you share something a friend told you privately via a message, email or Twitter Direct Message get their permission. Give them the chance to say “No”.
  2. Facebook Tagging. So you post an article or something on Facebook (a note, photo, status update, etc.) and you want to tag some friends so they see it.  Make sure you have an understanding in advance with those you tag, so they don’t care that you do it.  Send them a private message and say, “I posted a Facebook Note I wanted you to see, I tagged you. I hope you don’t mind”.  Once they give you the ok a few times when you ask them in advance, from then on tag away!
  3. Facebook Event Invitations. I don’t know about you, but I am getting so many of these on a daily basis it is hard to keep track of the ones I actually want to receive.  Here is my advice on this:  Spend some time when you create an event and actually select the people that would be interested in going and live in the area of the event. You can target this event invitiations by lists and area. Put this tool to use and STOP diluting your network and polluting online.
  4. Twitter Mentions. This is like Facebook tagging and it is just as annoying when someone mentions you in a Tweet and all they want to do is drive you to their article.  Especially, when you don’t even give them a name of the article.  I myself will do some mentions like this, but it is with friends that have told me they don’t read their Direct Messages and the best way to get their attention is this method.  I myself will send a Direct Message to someone if I have some content I have written I want them to see.  There is a fine line between spamming and annoying with this, so be cautious on doing too much of this.
  5. Give credit where it’s due! When you are on Facebook, Twitter, etc., if you have a friend / business page that has shared a piece of content via a status update or tweet and you share it with your network – give them credit for it.  Your friends can tell when you have taken their content and shared it to your profile without giving them proper credit. Tag them on Facebook or mention their Twitter id in the tweet. (If the Facebook tagging isn’t working, put their name in the update and if they see it, they know you tried!)

More about this …. From Chris BroganEtiquette in the Age of Social Media and from eHow – Social Media Etiquette!  

One final thought to keep in mind …. I have found in using many different social networking sites, people do things online that are not proper online etiquette, but that is not their intention. They usually don’t realize what they are doing or how it affects and possibly offends you and others. Keep that in mind and be patient, gentle and tactful in letting them know.  (You could just send them a link to this blog post and say “see item # and so on”. LOL! #Joke)

I hit a few of the high spots. It’s your turn …. Now! Share some of your Online Etiquette Tips and lets help each other to grow and develop online!

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