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The New Facebook Timeline … Four Ways to Improve Your Facebook Page Right NOW

Four Ways to Improve Your Facebook Page Right Now.
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Does your Facebook Page need a little zip? Chances are it could be a little peppier.

I know how it is, you are busy busy working away and don’t always have time to make some changes. Well here are some great tips to make some little tweaks that can give you big results.

Use Your Apps Wisely

With the new Timeline you have 12 apps available to showcase but only the first 4 show on the first line. One of those Apps has to be the Photos App. Take a look at what EasyLunchBoxes has done with their Apps! Fantastic!

Powerful stuff to make you stand out from the crowd. Also make sure you have your website address in the About section. The About section is now very prominent on your Timeline and can have a call to action in it (unlike the Cover photo which can’t have a call to action)

These custom images for Apps are easy to add (just click the down arrow to show all your Apps, click on the pencil in the upper right corner of the App, then click Edit Settings – you’ll see the place where you can add the image)  Designing these App images doesn’t have to be hard either.  Use a tool like Paint, or Photoshop if you are handy with those.  Even take a look at how I created my Cover photo using PowerPoint in this tutorial:

Or, if you are working with a graphics designer, use their services to have a cohesive branded look across your website and other social media sites.  But don’t let budget stop you from getting a new graphics.  There are designers that do a decent job on for just $5!  Such a deal.

Highlight Posts

Use your new Timeline to tell your Story. Now that Timelines are here, use this valuable real estate to showcase good things that have happened or products that you want to draw attention to. All you need to do is click on the little star in the upper right corner and the post will be bigger.

Talk to Other Pages

If you are having some trouble getting engagement on your Page, go out and talk to other Pages as your Page. Be social, people! All you need to do is Like their Page as your Page, then watch your Page News Feed and comment. See how social Professional Carpet Systems is? Very nice! And it only takes a few minutes a day to connect.

Post More

Are you just posting once a day? Once a week? Well I have some news for you, more is better. Studies have shown that posting 2-5 times a day is ideal. But it may depend on your audience. You need to vary your posts to appeal to different segments of your market. Some people like videos, some like photos, others want links to articles. Now it sounds like a lot of work, but it really doesn’t have to be bad. Remember those other Pages you Liked as your Page? Share some of their posts. Don’t be stingy. Spread the love.

Find articles on Twitter or post some of your best blog posts from time to time. It’s ok that some people have seen those posts. If it’s evergreen content it’s still relevant! Have an editorial calendar so that you know what you are posting when. Post a question or something fun and random. Mix it up. You will be surprised with your results. More engagement, more Likes, and more fun!

If you want to take your Facebook Page to the next level and use it to get leads for your business, you might be interested in my new product How to Use Facebook to Get Leads for Your Business.

Special thanks to Grandma Mary for this guest post contribution! (The 2nd guest blogger I have had on my blog – I’m flattered and honored to have made such great connections and Twitter friends. As I say and teach “Ask for what you want – all they can say is NO!” This thinking has paid off for me over and over again. This is absolutely one of those times. ~ Lissa

Grandma Mary is a slightly cranky Social Media Edutainer, helping small businesses leverage the power of social media. She provides entertaining how-to videos on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and more. Her alter ego, Andrea Vahl, is the co-author of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies. You can find Grandma and Andrea at

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