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How to Do SEO for Service Area Businesses

How to Do SEO for Service Area Businesses

If you operate a service area business (SAB), you’ve likely encountered challenges with local SEO. Unlike typical brick-and-mortar businesses, SABs often struggle to find comprehensive SEO services that have the know-how to secure local search visibility. Rocks Digital is different. We have years of experience helping businesses without physical locations reach their target local audiences. So what are the essential techniques we use to help companies stand out in local search?

Top SEO Techniques for Service Area Businesses

SABs differ from many local businesses in that they don’t have a physical location for customers to visit. Such SABs will either come to the customer’s location (in the case of plumbers, gardeners, cleaners, pest control and so on) or operate exclusively online. The latter encompasses consultants, virtual tutors, writing services, etc. While the SEO approach for businesses with and without locations certainly shares similarities, service area businesses absolutely require a modified focus.

Optimize the Website for Your Main Geographic Area

Incorporate local keywords and content into your website to highlight the areas your businesses cover. If you’re short of ideas, our ways to find SEO-focused content for your website could help. The strategic use of local keywords in tags and content can optimize the site for the specific locations you hope to attract clients from.

Optimize and Maintain a Google Business Profile

From the categories to Google Posts, a Google Business Profile (GBP) has numerous ways to optimize the listing. The ability to add up to 20 service areas, including city names, ZIP codes and more is an essential feature for SABs. The boundaries for the overall area should remain within a two-hour drive of your company base.

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