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How is your MOTHER?

Mother business marketing strategy.
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Yesterday was Mother’s Day and I thought writing something discussing mothers was only appropriate.

In today’s world, we have to be Likeable, Shareable, Tweetable, Pinable and +able.

M – Marketing is about your customers and how they connect with you and your business. You need to understand your market, how to market to them and the best way to get your marketing message across.

O – Opportunity for you to learn about your strategic partners, share their content and help them to market their business, so in return they help you market your business.

T – Timing is everything in marketing your opportunity. Understand when your client is online and establishments they frequent offline.

H – Hype is important in promoting your product / service.  Know what kind of messages, photos, etc engage your current and future customers. Use them to market your opportunity.

E – Effectiveness is how good of a job you doing at marketing, using your opportunities, timing your strategies and building the hype. Analyze this closely so you can evaluate what is working and change what isn’t working.

R – Repeat the above and finesse as necessary to gain results. Execute your marketing strategy for a minimum of two weeks and tweak as you go along to increase your opportunity for improvement.

How is your M O T H E R ?

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