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#FollowFriday or #FF – What does follow friday mean to you?

What does follow friday mean to you.
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What does follow Friday or #FF mean to you?

@VANetworking shouted out to me several weeks ago on Twitter and asked “Why so many #FollowFriday recommendations?” and I have been thinking about this every since.

I do give quite a few #FollowFriday recommendations because it has several meanings to me:

  1. I recommend people that share great content.
  2. I recommend people that have a great business model.
  3. I recommend people that are my friends.
  4. I recommend people that have a service I highly value.
  5. I recommend people that to me – are just plain great for one reason or another.

#FollowFriday was started originally as a way to help our friends grow their Twitter following, especially the new Twitter users that were getting started and didn’t have any followers yet. Over time, as we have all grown our followings and it has turned into the above Items #1 thru #5. Some quit giving #FollowFriday altogether.

Do you even have time to click on the Twitter ids that your friends are recommending anymore? I know for myself I try to, but between giving all the #FollowFridays, Tweeting content and RT’ing, plus thanking everyone for the mentions and RTs it is quite hard to keep up and I am a social media professional. I can imagine who overwhelming it can be for everyone else out there.

I myself have stopped doing all the “Thanking for each #FollowFriday & Retweet”. I do my thanking on Sundays or Mondays for the #FollowFridays and do my RT thanking about three times a week. It gives me more time to have the real conversation that is so important and the reason for Twitter in the first place.

I often write blog posts to get myself back in line on what I should be doing or want to do differently. I am still going to do my #FollowFriday’s as I have been in the past (so don’t worry – I won’t forget about you), but I am going to add in throughout the week a #SoloShout to new friends and businesses that I want to introduce you to.

Why don’t you help me out with this mission? Commit to sending one #SoloShout Tweet per day. (Or maybe for your schedule it will be once a week.) Don’t send hundreds – pick one person or business and help get the word out about them that day! Perhaps you could send the same Tweet out three times that day – to hit the morning, afternoon and evening users. Just think – if you focus on helping your fellow man/woman grow their business and spread their brand, they will want to help you in return!

Please comment below your thoughts on this idea and your commitment! Looking forward to seeing and reading your #SoloShout recommendations in my stream in the coming weeks! Adding a search column in my Tweetdeck right now — #SoloShout!

P.S. Here is to my first #SoloShout to @VANetworking – Thanks for your question about #FollowFriday & your inspiration!

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