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Do you Digg it? How to Leverage Social Media and Make it to the Front Page of Digg

Leverage Social Media and Make it to the Front Page of Digg.
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Do you “Digg” this or how about I “dugg” that?  Social bookmarking is a great way to get exposure and link backs to your website. Many predict social bookmarking is a dying cause. All trends and tools come and go. Go with your gut, use the tools you like and don’t use what you don’t.

I started using social bookmarking in the last 9 months, when I started blogging more and more. I actually had something to social bookmark, or at least I thought so.

Last week in a Skype conversation with Dean Bairaktaris, known as TheDudeDean online, we talked about Digg, an important social bookmarking site and the value you behind it.  As one of the former “top Diggers” he had lots to share with me. These are my take away thoughts from the conversation with TheDudeDean.

Here is how to make it to the 1st page of Digg:

1. Don’t be the first to submit your content to Digg. The Dude said “This just looks bad and doesn’t encourage other Diggers to want to ‘Digg’ it.”

  • It is always better if a friend or a follower submits your content to Digg.
  • You do not want this to be the same person every time to submit your content.
  • You can get buried if you do make it to the front page using poor tactics/poor content.

2. Be the first to submit a hot news item to Digg.  The first one to submit an article gets all the credit. The ones that “Digg” it afterwards helps you make it to the first page.

  • Make sure it is “Digg” worthy.
  • Don’t just click “Digg” to be doing it.
  • When you “Digg” something read it, know what & why you are clicking “Digg”. Post a comment on why you like it.
  • Search for your submission before you submit.  The Dupe Detector will often screw you.  Try to avoid Duplicate submissions(Dupes) as much as possible.
  • Learn about canonical URLs (readURLnormalization).  Sites like YouTube and WordPress can generate different URLs for the same post.  Especially YouTube. While this does allow you to Dupe posts, this is generally frowned upon.  For novice level users this isn’t a bad thing, but if you’re on the top active list, Digg Support will notice you doing it.  Digg Support always bans you without any warning.
  • Submit from “WhiteList” sites, in other words don’t try to get a brand new site to pop right from the get go, that takes time.  Its a lot easier to get a main stream site to go popular on Digg than it is for a new site.  Use and [update – link reported as bad] they’re both great tools for finding out whats REALLY going on over at Digg.

3. Follow other Diggers and “Digg” their submissions.

  • This is a great way to get their attention and eventually if you submit the right kind of content, get them to “Digg” your submissions.
  • Their followers will “Digg” your submissions if the “ Diggers” do.

Special thanks to TheDudeDean for the great conversation and education last week about Digg. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter. He is quite an interesting, knowledgeable techie for the rest us #geeks to know.

Being the Online Marketer that I am, the conversation with TheDudeDean gave me all sorts of ideas how to use social media to get my submissions and my clients submissions “dugg”.

How to leverage social media to make it to the first page of Digg:

  1. Ask your social media connections to follow you on Digg and follow them back.
  2. When you submit to Digg let your social networks know you did, use the hashtag #DiggUser on twitter.
  3. Form an alliance with as many “Diggers” as you can that are in your social network.
  4. Ask different connections “Diggers” in your network to submit your blogging content. (Remember, you don’t want to submit your own blog posts to Digg.)
  5. Once another “Digger” submits your post, let your network know about it, so they can go “Digg” it also.

Now that I have given you my Digg marketing ideas, a few sample Status Updates or Tweets to ask your network gently to “Digg” your submissions. You want to be cautious, so they don’t tune you OUT and turn you OFF.

When you submit someone else’s post to Digg:  Just submitted (title & link url) to Digg by (Twitter ID or tag on Facebook). I hope you “Digg” it to!

When someone else has submitted your post to Digg: Just noticed my post (title & link url) was submitted to Digg. So excited & flattered. Do you “Digg” it?

If you know the Twitter ID or are Facebook friends when the person that submitted you to Digg make sure you thank them for doing so. Let them know you appreciate them! (And don’t forget to submit them and “Digg’ their other submissions also.)

Many of you may have heard me say this, and I am going to say it again: Ask for what you want, all they can say is NO. Remember, people want to help you succeed. You just have to give them the idea how they can help you.

It’s your turn! Fire away … what Digg tips and ideas did you come up with while reading this post?

(P.S. Did you Digg this post? Be the first, second, third and so on … wherever you fall in line I will “Digg” it.  One thing you can count on is I will not be the first. I have to follow the most important piece of advice I learned from TheDudeDean.)

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