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Is there such a thing as a free lunch? Maybe not in the world, but on this website, there is. Here, you can get a glimpse into Lissa Duty and learn quite a bit about different aspects of digital marketing. From search engine optimization to the Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business), local SEO, social media and much more.

Free Digital Marketing Educational Videos

Dive into the world of all things Lissa with these free digital marketing videos. She asks forgiveness now for any ums, extra ands, plus pauses you may encounter. But you’re here to learn about digital marketing, so let’s get started with the following!

Bing Places Listing Optimization & Strategies to Improve in Search Results

Learn how to create and verify a Bing Places listing, get tips on optimizing it, plus how to leverage your website to show up higher in search results.

Using EAT to Improve a Google Business Profile

In this walkthrough, learn how to optimize a GBP and get the results you need.

Expanding Your Online Footprint Locally

Learn about how to help your local business get more visibility online.

How to Improve a Website’s Rankings

To get found, you must make sure the business is findable. Learn how.

How to Get Found With Local SEO

Chris and Lissa explore getting found with local SEO and the steps to achieve it.

How to Use Hashtags on Facebook

Get the what, why and how, plus tips for participating in hashtag conversations on Facebook.

How to Sell on Social Media Without Selling

Get examples of how to sell on social media without selling.

How to Manage Facebook Featured on KTXD47

On The Texas Daily, Lissa shares how to control Facebook privacy, create lists and more.

How to Optimize Your Google Business Profile

Chris and Lissa present how to optimize a GBP, and share tips & tricks too.

Expanding Your Brand With Social Media

Chris and Lissa walk users through how to create a social media plan.

What Social Media Sites Are Right for a Business

Get help identifying which social media sites are right for your business.

How to Register & Tweet Featured on KTXD47

Lissa talks Twitter with Suzie Humphreys & Jeff Brady.

How to Use Hashtags Featured on KTXD47

On The Texas Daily, Lissa talks hashtags with Jeff Brady, Iola Johnson and John Weekley.

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Lissa is more than a speaker, trainer and digital marketing coach. She manages a full-service digital marketing agency. Need help growing your brand online? Call (214) 989-7549 or contact her online today.

Lissa Loves to Speak, Train & Teach on Digital Marketing

Here’s one of Lissa’s many videos on local marketing strategies for a business. Watch it now to learn something new.
Expanding Your Online Footprint Locally
Here Lissa presents an online webinar for the Texas Women’s University Center for Women Entrepreneurs.
Explore how you can get your local business more visibility online with the Google Business Profile, listing management, on-page search engine optimization and much more.

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