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Are you tired of reading blog post after blog post about personal branding, providing value and content?

How to build your personal brand and provide value and content.
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Are you tired of reading blog post after blog post about personal branding, providing value and content?

I know I am sick of it. They all start to read the same after awhile. All of them, don’t get me wrong are great blog posts, and I will continue to share them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn with you. However, I would like to see something for a change more focused on how to find your brand, provide value and where to locate all this great content that you need to be sharing on social media.

Here’s my take on it:

To find your brand you need to sit down in peace and quiet, and think about what your purpose is for using social media. Do you want to sell something? Educate? Expand your connection base, etc…. If you are an individual providing a service you need to establish your personal brand first, which is what I needed to do!

When I started using social networking sites my goal was to let everyone know who Lissa Duty was and what I was about! I needed to brand myself first and foremost, then focus on growing my business. I went out and established connections with those that are influential in the areas and industries that I focus on. i.e. Small Business Owners, Consultants and Social Media. I identified @BillHurlbut, @PattyFarmer and @LinkedInQueen.

I learned all I could about them, who they were and how I could connect with them. I joke and say “I made them my best friends”. Not literally! I made sure I got to know them on a personal level, which was who they were, what they represented and the value they provide in the social networking community. I soon learned how smart and connected they were. I didn’t ask them – “Please tell your connections about me on social media”. I instead focused on developing a relationship and rapport with them, so they would want to tell their friends about me.

How to provide value? First you need to determine what kind of information would be of interest to those following you. Keep in mind it does need to be related to your industry for the most part, after all you are using social media to sell your services/products right? Think about what you know that is essential to your industry and your clients. Share tips that would help your ideal client make important decisions. Of course, don’t share company secrets or give away the milk for FREE. (I’m sure you all have heard the phrase “Why buy the cow, when they can get the milk for FREE”.) Share enough to make them want to connect with you in a more personal way. Perhaps they’ll message you a follow up question.

Content – the biggie! This covers two areas:

  • Finding industry related articles that would interest your followers. Start using a RSS reader like Google Reader and every time you find a blog that someone else has Tweeted or shared on Facebook/LinkedIn that would interest you and your connections subscribe to it in Google Reader. This is a quick and easy way to find great content for you to share on social networking sites. (Watch videos on eHow – How to use & setup Google Reader.)
  • Writing content yourself to share on your blog. Ask your connections on social media what they would like to learn more about related to your industry. I often find questions that people ask me about social media turn into some really great blog posts! Share success stories of your other clients. Get your readers interested in reading and learning more about you. (Read more about blogging.)

I trust this post gave you some ideas on how to build your personal brand, provide value and content, instead of just all the whys! Give me your feedback and let me know what you think needs to be added or you would like to read more about in future blog posts!

Thanks for reading!

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