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Are you Influencing your Social Network?

Influencing your Social Network.
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I was reading a blog post by one of the branding greats, Chris Brogan about influence and it inspired me to think about and write the following …. 

Are you Influencing your social network?

I think influence is about not only who knows you, who you know, but of those that do know you … how do they think of you? Do they recommend you? Do they immediately think of you when they hear a certain word or phrase. This all relates back to branding and influence both ….
  • Are you their go to expert for your industry?
  • Are you branding yourself effectively?
 These are the questions I think of relating to my influence and online presence:
  • Do I let my audience know I specialize in social media marketing?
  • Do I talk enough about Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter?
  • Do I talk too much about Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter?
  • Do I share information that allows my audience to connect with with me on a professional and personal level?
  • Do my connections recommend me to their network because of my expertise?
  • Do those connections turn into emails, phone conversations and clients?
I challenge you to write down a minimum of 5 questions to ask your social networks, inner circle of friends, strategic partners and your family.  Find out if you are influencing them! If not, your influence is not where you need it to be and your branding focus needs to be put back on track!
If you think you could use some help in this area, do check out my Social Media Marketing Coaching specials I have running thru December 31st. I would be glad to help you increase your influence and expand your brand awareness globally!
Please share who influences you, the questions you would ask of your network about your influence and share what you would want us to know about you.  Your comments and feedback helps all of us to grow and learn.

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