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5 Ways You Can Use Social Media to Get Rich

Ways You Can Use Social Media to Get Rich.
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Now that I have your attention, I must confess there is no magic bullet to getting rich using social media and any social media person that tells you that is misleading you.

There are many ways to use social media to get attention, drive traffic to your website and brand yourself as an authority.

These can certainly lend to your goal of “getting rich”, but social media alone will not create this opportunity. Start with answering these questions below, which will help you to use social media to “get rich”.

 Let’s start with the WHY

  •  Why are you using social media?
  • Why do you feel social media is important in achieving these goals?
  • Why is this important to your potential customer?

 It’s time for the WHAT

  •  What do you want your potential customer to know about you / your brand?
  • What different kinds of content would you share to generate interest about this topic?
  • What makes your product / service different from the guy next door who charges less?

You need to integrate blogs, videos, tips and others’ reputable content to get your message across. You have to reach your potential customers the way they learn and remember you and your product / service best.

Last, but certainly not least is the WHERE

  • Where is your future customer visiting?
  • Where is the best platform to market your product / services?
  • Where is the close (the sale) going to take place?

If the best platform to market your product / service doesn’t match where your ideal customer frequents, you will have to get creative and use different methods to drive them to the best platform to highlight your product / service.

“Don’t put the cart before the horse” is something I refer to frequently when talking with small business owners about using social media.

They have created and started posting on social media platforms with no real purpose or reason defined besides “a friend told them they needed too” or I love this one “because everyone else is”.

Even if you have been using social media for years, every now and again you need review and evaluate the WHY, WHAT and WHERE

Don’t worry I didn’t forget about Way #4 HOW to Get Rich Using Social Media

Go check it out NEXT.

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It’s your turn … What question would you add to this list? Comment below.

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