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10 Awesome Ways to ROCK Mashable’s Social Media Day 2014

10 Awesome Ways to ROCK Mashable’s Social Media Day 2014.
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Best Ways to Celebrate Social Media Day

So are you wondering “What is Social Media Day and why does Lissa keep talking about it”? Social Media Day is an annual celebration of social media and the impact it has made on how we do business. Through the power of social media EVERYONE from all walks of life can connect, do business and compete with the top brands.

In 2010, technology giant Mashable successfully received the first Social Media Day Proclamation from Victoria, B.C., Canada. Cities around the globe quickly followed suit.

BTW … Addison, Texas made a Social Media Day Proclamation this year to honor Social Media Day and the DFW Rocks Social Media Conference.

Addison Social Media Day Proclamation 2014, Dallas Social Media Conference

Businesses and individuals from around the world and I mean literally the world gather together at meetups, tweetups, conferences, events, and happy hours to celebrate June 30 – Social Media Day. No matter what day of the week June 30 falls on; this is the official day everyone around the world will be celebrating the power of social media. Enough about the history of Social Media Day, as promised . . .


10 Awesome Way to Rock Mashable’s Social Media Day

  1. Teach a friend how to use Facebook
  2. Write a blog post about social media
  3. Seek out and connect with old friends online
  4. Tweet 100 things you love about social media
  5. Email your contacts about Social Media Day
  6. RSVP to a Mashable Social Media Day Tweetup
  7. Invite a group of ONLINE friends to get together OFFLINE
  8. Spend the day learning a new social media platform
  9. Read a book about social media
  10. Attend a Social Media Day Conference

I highly recommend #10 on the list and the Rocks Digital formerly DFW Rocks Social Media Day Conference is just the event for you. (And, yes I am partial, since I am the organizer). The 2014 Dallas Social Media Conference features 36 speakers, 35 presentations, 5 Social Media Tracks, Vendor Exhibitor Expo, Speaker-Author Book Signing, and Social Media Day Tweetup. You will have the opportunity to learn something about every Social Media Platform, plus your Website, SEO, Big Data, and Link Building.

You will definitely connect with ONLINE friends OFFLINE, have content for 100 tweets, attend a Mashable Social Media Day tweetup, plus plenty of books at the Speaker-Author Book Signing to read, and much more. Attendees have registered from around the U.S. have registered for #DFWRocks2014 and we even have a guy coming from Mexico City, Mexico. Regular registration ends May 31st.

STOP waiting and START Registering. Visit to Meet the Speakers, Read the Presentation Descriptions and Register! [BONUS: Use Promo Code DFWROCKS to save $25 off your ticket.]

Don’t forget to comment below and let me know how you will be celebrating June 30 – Social Media Day!

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